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Evrsoft Pty Ltd, will grant to you a personal, nonexclusive, nontransferable license to hyperlink ("Link") your Internet Web site to Evrsoft's Internet Web site, and/or use Evrsoft's Web Link Logo ("Link Logo") as part of your Internet Web site subject to the following terms and conditions:

You must accept all terms and conditions in this Agreement. To indicate your acceptance, you will be required to send us an email issuing your acceptance to this Agreement. Please remember to include the words "LLLA ACCEPTANCE" in the body of your email.

  1. You must include the following notice on any World Wide Web (WWW) page you create that includes the Link or the Link Logo: "Evrsoft and the Evrsoft Logo are licensed trademarks of Evrsoft Pty Ltd." This Agreement gives you no rights to any intellectual property of Evrsoft, and in particular, no rights to distribute Evrsoft software.

  2. You may only use the licensed Link Logo. No other Evrsoft logo, obtained from Evrsoft's WWW page or any other Evrsoft or non-Evrsoft source, may be used.

  3. You may not use the name "Evrsoft", the Link, and/or the Link Logo to disparage Evrsoft, its software, data, and/or services in any way that in Evrsoft's sole business judgment and discretion may diminish or damage the goodwill in Evrsoft's name or Link Logo, including, but not limited to, uses that could be deemed obscene, pornographic, or excessively violent, or to encourage unlawful activities.

  4. You may not alter the appearance of the Link Logo. The Link Logo must stand by itself and must include a minimum amount of 25 pixels of empty space around it so as to avoid unintended associations with any other objects including, but not limited to, type, photography, borders, and edges. You may not use the Link Logo as a feature or design element of any other logo.

  5. You may not use the name "Evrsoft", the Link, and/or the Link Logo in any manner that implies Evrsoft sponsorship or endorsement of your products, services, and/or Internet Web site.

  6. You may not display the name "Evrsoft", the Link, and/or the Link Logo more prominently than your company, product, Internet Web site name, or logo.

  7. Evrsoft reserves the right to alter, modify, or discontinue the Evrsoft WWW page and Evrsoft Link Logo at any time, at its sole discretion. Evrsoft makes no warranty, whether express or implied, and specifically disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for purpose related to Evrsoft's WWW page and/or services. Evrsoft shall not be liable or obligated in any manner for any damages or other losses of any type whatsoever incurred by you in connection with the subject matter of this Agreement, and you hereby agree to waive such claims that you may acquire against Evrsoft.

  8. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Evrsoft, its officers, directors, employers, agents, and any of its affiliates for any loss or damage (including legal fees) caused to Evrsoft arising out of your use of the name "Evrsoft", the Link, and/or the Link Logo.

  9. Evrsoft reserves the right to review your use of the name "Evrsoft", the Link, and/or the Link Logo, and you agree to provide Evrsoft unrestricted access to your site to review your use of the name "Evrsoft", the Link, and/or the Link Logo. Evrsoft may at any time, and in its sole business judgment and/or discretion, require you to discontinue your use of the name "Evrsoft", the Link, and/or the Link Logo.


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