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1st Page 2000 Tour

Take a glimpse into 1st Page 2000 and see why it makes HTML coding a breeze.

  :: Integrated Help References

Learning 1st Page 2000 is easy thanks to the "?" Information Center button that shows you the "what" and "how" of a feature. You can call up help within a blink of an eye using the "?" Info Center!

1st Page includes a complete Web builders bookshelf. You'll find the latest HTML 4.0 reference guide, Server Side Includes docs, all the information you needed to know about Relative Paths, a Knowledge Base of Commonly Asked Questions i.e. "How do I remove the underline from my page" and a handy Cascading Style Sheets guide. All the help you need is bundled within 1st Page 2000. One of 1st Page's premiere help feature is the integrated Instant Tag Helper. If anytime during editing your stuck on a specific $##^ tag you can smash "F1" and get Tag Helper to help you.


:: Javascript Tag Editors

1st Page 2000 integrates various Javascript Tag Editors to Javascript enable your website.



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