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Every year, billions of dollars are lost to software piracy, which is the illegal distribution and/or copying of software for personal and/or business use.

How does software piracy affect everyone?
What many people fail to realize is that the harm caused by software piracy affects more than the software publishers. It affects the U.S. economy - with a 27% piracy rate in the United States, the economic effects are significant - in 1998, there was a loss of over 25,000 jobs and a loss of over US $400 million in tax revenues as a result of piracy.

Pirating software is stealing and the more revenue that is lost because of stolen goods, the less that can be spent by companies for further research and development for new products and new innovations. Everyone suffers from the acts of a few.

How can reporting software piracy help underprivileged schools? If you know of, or believe you know of an organization or an individual who is committing software piracy, please report them.

What do you mean I don't own my software?
Evrsoft software is owned by Evrsoft Pty Ltd. When you purchase software, you purchase a license to use the application. The use of the software must be in compliance with the End User License Agreement that is included with the software. Misuse of software is punishable by Federal Copyright Law.

What are the different types of software piracy?

  • End-User Piracyis copying software without buying the appropriate number of licenses. For example: Businesses that buy volume licenses, but under-report the number of computers using the software or fail to add licenses as new computers are added.

    Businesses that host software on a server, enabling employees to download the software, without limiting or monitoring the number of copies.

    Employees who copy personal software onto their work computer. In this instance, the employer is liable for illegal or unauthorized software found on company hardware.

  • Hard Disk Loading is the practice of installing unauthorized copies of software onto computer hardware prior to sale. Although many machines are preloaded with legitimate software via agreements between computer manufacturers and software publishers, some suppliers illegally install software to sell machines.

  • Internet Piracy is the downloading unauthorized copies of software over the internet that violates copyright laws. When downloading software or serial numbers made available over the internet, it is important to ensure that the software publisher allows users the right to download and make copies.

  • Bootlegging is illegally making copies of software, software manuals and distributing them as such, commonly in the form of "backups," CD-Rs, Tapes, Cartridges, Any Removable media, or "a copy for a friend.

  • Counterfeiting is illegally making copies of software and distributing them in packaging made to appear similar to the legitimate products

  • Online Auction Piracy occurs when:

    1. The seller is offering our products in quantity and he/she is not an authorized reseller or distributer of Evrsoft Pty Ltd. products or otherwise licensed to reproduce or distribute any and all Evrsoft products.

    2. The software offered was previously distributed in violation of an authorized distributor, reseller, or OEM contract with Evrsoft Pty Ltd. and further distribution by seller constitutes patent, trademark, and copyright infringement.

    3. The software was an academic, NRF (not for resale), or OEM version being offered in violation of applicable agreements with Evrsoft Pty. Ltd. and further distribution by seller constitutes patent, trademark, and copyright infringement.

    4 . The software being offered had previously been used to obtain an upgrade to a newer version and transfer from the prior owner is prohibited.

Learn more
To learn more about software piracy, visit the Web sites of the Software Publishers Association (www.siia.net) and the Business Software Alliance (www.bsa.org).


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