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1st Page 2000 Tour

Take a glimpse into 1st Page 2000 and see why it makes HTML coding a breeze.


:: Integrated Tag Editors

1st Page 2000 includes dozens of powerful wizard driven tag editors to reduce the time and ease the pain of creating websites. You can hand write your HTML code or use the full featured tag editors to perform specific tasks easier, faster and with no knowledge of the languages what-so-ever. Why bother with endless lines of Javascript code to achieve rollover images when all the tools you need is just a click of a button away! - Why bother entering table data within lines of raw HTML code when you could easily launch the Table Builder to simplify the creation of tables and quickly enter data into table cells/fields. Why wonder how it would appear in browsers when you could preview the end result right where you created it. Most of the tag editors within 1st Page contain previewing engines that simulate the end results of your work.


:: iScriptsTM

1st Page 2000TM features iScriptTM, the world's first underlying script language to power wizards that deliver customized standard fill-in scripting with ease and speed. In english, iScripts is a collection of wizard driven pre-built Javascripts, VBScripts, DHTML and ASP scripts that you implement into your webpage within seconds! iScripts will ease and minimize your development time in half by letting you choose from hundreds of pre-built scripts. After a selection is made you can customize the script and then instantly apply the script to your webpage. Now with Instantz ScriptsTM you can enhance your website like you've never seen before.


:: 1st Transfer FTP

Evrsoft 1st Page 2000TM comes bundled with the full featured 1st Transfer FTP software. Some key features include:

  1. Full Drag 'n' Drop support (Drag a series of files to upload or download)
  2. CHMOD / Change Server File Attributes
  3. Manage and store unlimited ftp accounts, with the ease of 1-click connections.
  4. Seemlessly integrates with the 1st PageTM family of products.
  5. View web related files (.html .asp .txt .pl .cgi) quickly with 1st Transfer's support for 3rd party viewing applications.
  6. Execute and launch any format from within 1st Transfer. (i.e. View selected web document in browser).
  7. Basic file management functions. Delete, Rename, View, Execute, Multiple Layout Views.
  8. Full customization for onClicks, doublClick events.
  9. Informative transfer dialogs to show detailed transfer stats.
  10. Download multiple files at once with 1st Transfer's powerful multi-threading engine.



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