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Hi Evrsoft,

This morning my good friend Laurie called me to tell me about your product "1st Page" and direct me at your web site. Between her description of the program, and the information on your web page, this looks like a killer program.

Gordon Messmer


Hello I just wanted to say thanks for a nice program I am a beginner at html and your program seems to be about the best I have used I have used several packages (html pro, (being the next best) Hot Dog, a few other small programs and Front Page) your program is put together rather nicely compared to the others I think you stand out! I will always keep my eye out for future products that I may be able to use from your company again. Thanks!



Thanx for a SUPER web authoring tool - it's the best I have ever used, the software is INCREDIBLE!

J Khan CEO, Jayz Internet Solutions CC


Your product is amazing--I am very new to HTML, and it makes it effortless!

Autumn Nazarian


I was playing around with 1st Page and I liked it so much that I would like to use it for educational purposes at school. I am a secondary school teacher and I feel that my students will learn more through this program.

Claudio Attanasio


1st Page is a great editor! Much better than my former favorite, Homesite.

Ulrich Vogel


I have your 1st page software it's a great product!

Cliff Reid


I just want to thank you in the name of all webmasters for 1st page. It's amazing, I saw nothing like this since I have worked with HTML. I think you have created a really helpful and comfortable tool.

Michael Röder


This software is awesome - within 10 minutes of us downloading it, we made it our departmental standard as it is way better than Homesite.

Matt Tomlinson, CABI, Wallingford, UK


Excellent product!

Kip Allen from Sierra Games


Hello guys you have shipped a software product that kicks ass and it's great Ihave used Homesite and other related products but Ihaven't seen a product like this till now. Will be constantly using your stuff and here in India people say that this is the best editor we have seen. All the best with all your products.

Narasimhan M.V


Only moments ago, I downloaded 1st Page, and I am astounded! What a wonderful product! I will certainly be using 1st Page to maintain my personal and professional pages.

Regina Hart


My brother was telling me that your 1st Page is a fantastic program.

Luke Marshall


As a long time (until now) happy HotDog user, I have found my dream-come-true !! I am exploring and using 1st Page and I am thrilled with what I see! Super job!

Ken Knull

There are 3 pages of testimonials.
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