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Hi Evrsoft,

Very, very impressive stuff. Smart interface, smart branding, and god help me I laughed out loud when I saw the 4 user settings show up in my start window -- Easy, Normal, Expert, HARDCORE! (1 guess which I tried -- I kept expecting Toecutter from the Road Warrior to pop out and thrash me...)

Paul Degnan from sixdegrees.com


Hello Evrsoft, first of all, KUDOS! I must say I'm dazzled by 1st Page. I just installed it and I find the design v. elegant. I'm a loyal user of Homesite, and was impressed how you've matched and even surpassed Homesite's functionality.

Matt Dundas


First, a word of thanks for what is great software. Very much impressed by the way you integrated so many possibilities.

Serge Fortier


I've just installed 1st Page. This is great, guys!! I will be recommending this product to my team of web authors. At last, a product that will (hopefully) kill that abominable MS FrontPage. Keep up the good work.

David Gough


Just a short note to say how much I am enjoying using this brilliant program. It really is much much better than similar programs I have seen and tried, some free and some costing big bucks.



I have no idea why I downloaded your 1st page because I almost NEVER download a free program because, well, you know why LOL, they're no good! This one is amazing!! I can't quit playing with it and I really can't wait to do some serious coding with it!! I love this program and you would die if you knew how many I've BOUGHT!! I have both Coffee Cup and Homesite and Dreamweaver and lots more. But I can't see any reason why 1st Page can't do everything I need!! I'll be sending your URL to all my friends, believe me!! Thanks for offering such a wonderful program. You have a winner!!

Betty Hibbard


I just wanted you to know that I'm wildly impressed with 1st Page. I downloaded it on a whim while browsing through Softseek.com, and I'm just staggered by how much functionality you've crammed into a freeware program. And it's easy to use!!!! I'm hardly a neophyte, but I'm neither a programmers nor a professional graphic designer by trade, and it vastly simplified my life after I rashly volunteered to create a website for a nonprofit chamber music ensemble here in Montreal. I'd started the site in another program, but I finished it and did most of the heavy lifting in 1st Page. And since I'm in Quebec, Canada and had to do the site in both English and French, the simplified controls for inserted accented characters were much appreciated. I struggled with a couple of other programs.

Mark Shainblum (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)


I was directed to your product by Chris Pirillo of the Lockergnome newsletter. I find his praiseworthy review entirely merited. The feature set of this product is amazing; I have never seen such a complete collection of page-building tools in one package. I look forward to exploring it in depth and using it to help me better understand Web page programming.

Michael Kairys


Just had to let you know that as a professional web designer I am really blown away by your 1st Page HTML editor. The interface is great, it runs fast and smooth (even the preview window) and it is so full of features I am in awe. Keep up the good work and again, thank you!

C.G. Muggridge Stone Broke Studios


As a webpage developer in Switzerland I must tell you, that I never had a better software tool for the development of my webpages.

Andreas Lutz


I have recently downloaded a copy of '1st Page'. I just wanted to let you know what an amazing program it is! I've only had it for a few hours and already know my way round. The wealth of extras it comes with is wicked - especially the help files for HTML/CSS etc. as I am fairly new to Web design and have previously worked with MS Front Page and Arachnophilia, the only HTML help I've been able to get is on the web, so to have everything in one package is brilliant.

Chelsey Gourgaud ( MAM Software Ltd - UK )


Let me congratulate you with your product 1stPage! It's a awesome piece of software!! Let me tell you, I've seen others and none of them even come close. I personally like the reference section very much. It's handy to have a knowledgebase at a click of the mouse.

Daniel De Rudder


First I have to say that 1st Page is the first HTML editor that could compete with Homesite that I've ever seen. In some areas it is even better! And, best of all, it's free! I hope you will continue to develop it & keep it free :-).

Peter Valach

There are 3 pages of testimonials.
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